The electrical interlock is now available in BoxCAD for the 9412 freestanding cabinet product series and the 5412 ESHD heavy duty wallmounted enclosures series when used on a single-point locking system.

Added protection to your enclosure

Choose a vinyl from a wide variety of options or send us your custom design

Customize now your enclosure in BOXCAD by following these steps!

CSA and UL Type 4,12 rating for painted mild steel and Type 4X,12 for stainless steel and aluminum

Both the Push Button series and the Screw Covers Wall Mount Series offer a range of choices for families to select from:

Push Button SerieScrew Covers Wall Mount Series
1412 ED
1412 EL
1412 MN
1412 SD
1412 SDSS
1412 SF
1412 SFD
1412 SFE
1412 SFSS
1412 SFSSP
5412 EALSC
5412 ESSC
5412 ESSSC
6412 ESTB
6412 ESTBW

The series are available in BOXCAD!

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